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Boxing Private Lessons

Learn how to box or what is referred to as “the sweet science” for fun, fitness, self-defense, or competition preparation. Standard boxing involved learning the proper punches techniques (jab, right hand, hook, uppercut) for maximum power and accuracy while preserving your stamina over a longer period of time.

Boxing also emcopasses proper footwork, offensive and evasive techniques, head movement (slipping, ducking), learning proper ring awareness, and how to handle various styles of opponents of various reach and size.

The level of contact in boxing classes will depend on the experience of the student and will start with no sparring (or light sparring) and progress as the student becomes more comfortable It is not mandatory to increase the level of contact for students training more for fitness.

We also do offer cardio boxing which is meant as a fitness training session only, similar to a workout routine you might find at a yoga, pilates, or ? session. Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts on the planet using all muscles at once training for strength, power, conditions, and increased reaction time and hand eye coordination.

Sparring partners are available (or can be brought in) to training with individual students. Or students are welcome to bring a friend or train together as needed. We will also sometimes mix our students in certain classes where students of similar experience can work together in sparring situations.

Students are welcome to bring their own equipment but we are fully equipped with gloves, headgear, heavy bags, speed bags, punching mits, fitness equipment and everything necessary to train. Boxing gear is also available for purchase as well as training t-shirts and trunks.

Try a free class today with no further obligation and inquire about our rates and availability. We are open Monday through Friday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Weekend classes can be available also on a first come first service basis. 

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