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Private Lessons Taekwondo & Martial Arts Airdrie – Available 7 Days A Week

Hydra Taekwondo Airdrie primarily teaches private lessons, which take place at head instructor Mr. Moyer’s home training facility. 

His studio includes all the training equipment required including a training matt, kicking bag, toggles, sparring gear, fitness equipment, speed bag, training weapons and more. 

Parking is free and easily accessible. We also have private seating for family members who want to watch and relax while classes are in session. Wi-fi is available along with air conditiong, bathroom, and changing area.

Classes are currently available 7 days a week and are 1 hour long. Students are able to book at any time between 9am to 8pm so you can set your own schedule as required. We typically recommend 2 classes per month to progress at a reasonable rate, although most students normally do once or twice a week.

Sessions are open to people of all ages, we’ve worked with students as young as 5 and as old as over 60. We customize our classes at a pace and comfort level that works best for you. You can train towards your black belt or just for fitness, fun, and self-defense purposes.

No long term are contracts required, you pick your times and dates. Students pay by either cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card. 

We can train 1-4 people at one time at our home location. We train families, siblings, couples, friends or whatever combination you desire. Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch entire classes for any student under 18.

A waiver form must be signed prior to training after the trial class period. 

Students can wear whatever they prefer to class, uniforms are not mandatory. We recommend t-shirts, shorts, or sweatpants however  since classes are athletic and physically demanding.

Uniforms can be purchased through out main Calgary facility. We recommend that new students wait until their first belt level before buying uniforms.

Sparring gear, headgear, mouthguards, club t-shirts, and uniforms can all be purchased through our head training facility and brought to our location. Payment is required in advance for any equipment.

Join now and try your first class half price, payment is required prior to booking. After the first few classes payments can be made the same day before or after classes. Rates will vary slightly based on the number people training at once, please contact us for more details. 

We look forward to you meeting you and becoming a member of the Hydra Taekwondo & Martial Arts team! 

Airdrie Taekwondo Private Lessons, Group Lessons, School Programs and Self-Defense Seminars

Hydra Taekwondo in Airdrie is based at Mr. Moyer's home location with all necessary training equipment provided.

We also provide on-site training for private lessons, small group sessions, school programs, and women's self defense.

Mr. Moyer can also provide digital training sessions through methods like Zoom to a student's home or office.

Our Main Training Facility (Dojang) In SE Calgary

Hydra Taekwondo's main training facility ( referred to as a Dojang in Korean) is located in SE Calgary at 11166 42 St SE Calgary.

Uniforms, Club T-Shirts, and Taekwondo sparring gear can all be purchased here at our head office.

Regular classes are available 7 days a week and we also offer private lessons and special classes to people with disabilities. 

Family Friendly Taekwondo & Martial Arts Training