Airdrie Mens/Womens Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Airdrie Mens & Womens Cardio Kickboxing Private Lessons

If you are looking to lose weight and get in better shape we provide cardio kickboxing and overall martial arts classes designed specifically for fitness.

With our cardio classes you will learn practical martial arts while focussing on improving your strength, endurance, flexibility, reaction times and overall physical abilities.

Classes are typically 45-60 minutes long based on our student’s preference with 2 minute breaks scattered throughout the sessions. Clients are encouraged to bring water bottles and towels if needed and we do have a bathroom to change if needed.

During or cardio kickboxing classes there can be the use of free weights, skipping ropes, and other lighter equipment to help further a students fitness level.

We also give our students goals and benchmarks they can train for away from our training facility so they can train as needed away from our dojo.

Students are encouraged to wear whatever is comfortable but heavier clothing is not recommends because there will be more sweating and physical acitiv.

Our cardio students are welcome to buy any of our equipment for martial arts if needed. 

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