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Taekwondo Private Lessons

Learn the art of Taekwondo which translates to “the foot, the first, the way” in Korean. Mr.Moyer is a third degree black belt in ITF style taekwondo but now runs as an independent club incorporating elements of boxing, kickboxing, grappling, hapkido and more along with the traditional Taekwondo program.

Students will learn striking and kicking techniques, practical self-defense, joint holds and takedowns, and how to condition your body for contact and real self defense scenarios. We believe in teaching our students a well rounded curriculum that prepares them for all situations and methods of attack.

Our Taekwondo training is broken into two options, training with patterns (series of movements) or without patterns with a strong emphasis on self defense. Students can train for next belt level in either scenario depending on what they want to achieve most during their training.

The Taekwondo ranking system can be seen here, and advancement depends on the amount of time a student has trained and how quickly they progress in the skills taught. 

Since we teach private or small group lessons only (in our home facility) 1 regular class is considered the equivalent of 3 regular large group classes at a regular martial arts do-jang (training room).

Training t-shirts, uniforms, equipment, belts, and certificates can all be purchased directly through our club but full uniforms are NOT mandatory until a student’s later ranks. We enocurge to to wear something that’s comfortable and easy to move in, because you will get a workout and flexibility and high kicks are a major part of taekwondo training.

Classes are available Monday through Friday with no set limit of a minum or maximum amount of classes can be attended. Discounts are available however for booking in longer intervals. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

People of all ages are welcome including people with disabilities. For younger students parents typically attend the full classes where they can either participate or watch with seating and wi-fi available. Parking is also free and easily accessible as we are home based with our full driveway available.

Family Friendly Taekwondo & Martial Arts Training