Komodo Taekwondo & Martial Arts Airdrie Head Instructor Jeff Moyer 

Mr. Moyer has been training in the martial arts since an early age and currently holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt (3rd Dan) in Taekwondo, along with a brown belt Karate and a brown belt in Mauy Thai Kickboxing.

He still continues his training today in multiple martial arts disciplines.

Jeff also has a competive background in Olympic Style Wrestling along with specialized weapons training (Bo Staff, Nunchuku, Kitana Sword, Sai, Kama).

He has competed in City, Provincial and North American competitions earning bronze, silver and gold medals along the way. He’s also a licensed referee and judge for Taekwondo tournaments.

Mr. Moyer has also taught after school classes to elementary schools throughout Calgary as well as woman’s self-defense seminars.

His children are also active martial arts participants and he enjoys working with families to help them collectively achieve their martial arts goals while bonding together.

Family Friendly Taekwondo & Martial Arts Training