Testing Proceedures Taekwondo

Testing/Grading Proceedures For Students Training Towards Their Black Belt

Students who take private Taekwondo lessons with us are elligable to test for their next belt level once they’ve met all the necessary requirements.

Grading proceedures consist of 6 different main components…

  • A general basic fitness test which increases in difficiulty with every belt level.
  • An oral test based on the history of Taekwondo and proper etiquette.
  • Self defense test where students demonstrate their ability to execute various holds and escapes based on their belt level.
  • Sparring sessions (with a partner) to demonstrate their fighting techniques and abilities.
  • Demonstration of patterns/katas for student’s enrolled in the fill Taekwondo training program. Patterns are optional based on student’s goals.
  • Board breaking in a safe manner which increases in difficulty for every belt level.

There is a testing fee of $50 per person which includes belt and certificate of acheivement.

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